Successful Managers Find a Friend

There is plenty of advice in the Manager’s secret handbook about managing your team, your clients and managing up – and almost nothing written about managing sideways. Likely because a sideways relationship in your organization is not about managing – it’s usually about rallying your managerial colleagues to a common cause.  Even if that common… Read More

Anyone Can Be a Good Manager

That’s right, anyone. It does not matter how much experience you have, your age, your level of education, your communication style or your personality.  You can be a good manager. Because being a good manager is a process.  And this process has steps and concrete things you can learn and apply that are universal to… Read More

The Difference Between an Executive and a Manager

It’s all about who they spend their time with. Executives spend a majority of their time with other executives and most of a manager’s day is spent with their team. In my experience, the demarcation between managers and executives happens at the Director level.  While there may be some organizations where someone is called a Director… Read More

Nervous Knots for a New Manager – It’s All Good

In a post published today on his LinkedIn blog, Jack Welch wrote about feeling scared when you get promoted into your first managerial job. Unless you are in a job that is truly life and death – firefighter, soldier – I doubt that what you are feeling is fear.  At the same time, I have… Read More

The Recipe for a Good Manager

I grew up in sports and follow many sports, especially baseball, golf and college basketball closely.  Each of those sports has its own recipe for success.  These recipes provide teams or competitors the best chance of winning, even without the best players or the most skill. In baseball – pitching and defense. In basketball –… Read More