Coaching Topics

The topics covered are wide-ranging, but can include:

Making it Work as a Project Manager – It takes a special kind of person to lead a project where few, if any, of the team are direct reports. I’ve run cross-functional project teams inside companies, and a few that included players from outside the organization, like parent company overseers and clients.  I can help you

Establishing a Sales Commission Structure – Finding the right compensation plan for your sales team, that works fiscally and motivationally, takes a little bit of science and a little bit of magic. Step into my lab and let’s see what we can cook up.

Managing a Multi-Generational Team – 2015 was the first year that millennials made up the largest percentage of the workforce in North America, and they will be in that spot for the next 30 years.  If you are hiring Millennials or a young manager working with a seasoned team, I can help you bridge the gap. In the last decade, I have hired and managed a team that were all 20 years younger than me, and hired and managed a team a decade older than me.

Being a New Manager in a Tech Company – Nothing makes the move into a management role more difficult than doing it in a startup environment – where everything is new to everyone.  I can help you navigate the late nights with cold pizza and the long days with your hair on fire to be the kind of manager you always wanted to work for.

Managing in a Union Environment – Making the move from union member to “management excluded” can be difficult, as can coming into a union organization for the first time as a manager, especially in highly bureaucratic organizations like government or education.  We can identify ways to get on the same page as your union and its members to benefit you and the organization.

Managing Your Time So it Does Not Manage You – Do more with less might as well be the mission statement for most companies and it’s up you, and me, to decide how your time is best managed so that you continue to grow in your role and demonstrate that you are ready for more responsibility.

Maximizing Your Strengths as a Manager – Have you thought about what parts of your job really make you shine?  The things you do for love and not money?  Let’s talk it out and then find ways to minimize or off load the stuff you don’t like doing to people who really love it.

Recruiting the Right People – Nothing will have a bigger impact on your organization, and your career, than hiring the right people and getting them in the right role.  If you don’t have a pipeline of potential star hires, I can help you build one.