Make Your Team Better

If you work in the Public sector in Victoria you have a choice.  Every February you can choose what to do with money left in your budget as the end of the Fiscal year approaches.

This year, you can choose to make your unit better, your team better and your life at work better. You can hire a coach to help your staff in supervisory positions Become Better Managers.

A small investment of budget now means:

  • Not having to replace a manager later after they quit in frustration
  • Less of your time dealing with people issues that your managers should be dealing with
  • A larger pipeline of future leaders within your unit
  • Better performance by your unit in 2016
  • Glory from on high

In other words, stuff that’s not normally possible in the public sector due to lack of funds or lack of resources.  This time of year you have the money to make a difference and you’ve found the resource you need to help your team Become Better Managers.

Want to know a little more?  Click the link over there ——————–> that says “Anyone Can be a Good Manager” and think about the people in your unit that could use more help, more skills, and more confidence in their supervisory role.  Then think about being the person who gives them those things.

Then connect:

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