Driving the Bus – Part 4

The most important thing you will do as a manager is Driving the Bus, which is a metaphor that I like to use when discussing recruiting and team building.  I recommend using the following Bus related questions to guide your hiring and team building: Where is the Bus going? Who should be on the Bus? Where… Read More

The Difference Between an Executive and a Manager

It’s all about who they spend their time with. Executives spend a majority of their time with other executives and most of a manager’s day is spent with their team. In my experience, the demarcation between managers and executives happens at the Director level.  While there may be some organizations where someone is called a Director… Read More

Good Manager Bad Manager – Jurassic World

Her clothes say it all.  They are professional, tailored, expensive and perfect for an executive at a large clothing retailer.  So why is she wearing them at a dinosaur theme park? Because it’s all about Claire – who she thinks she has to be. Who she wants to be. How she wants to be perceived.  Which… Read More